Mariama Wilson Named Tepe Park's 2021 Neighborhood Hero


Community One and the Tepe Park Neighborhood Association want to celebrate everyday heroes who love their neighbors and their neighborhood!

As a part of the Tepe Park neighborhood revitalization initiative, we are highlighting the extraordinary efforts of one resident who lives out the change they hope to see in their neighborhood each year.  On Wednesday, March 24th, we celebrated Mariama Wilson as Tepe Park’s 2021 Neighborhood Hero!

Wilson is a powerful force for good for her family and in her community.  She noticed an increase in gun violence in her community in 2013.  After experiencing the pain from attending too many funerals for her friends’ children, she knew something had to change.  

Mariama started and leads MASK – Mothers Against Senseless Killings.  Their mission is to improve the quality of our city for our children by demonstrating love and non-violence.  Members of MASK gather together to patrol and be a positive presence in places where crime is high or where there have been past issues with violence.  

By celebrating Neighborhood Heroes like Wilson, Community One and Tepe Park neighborhood are elevating resident stories of community impact and transformation.  We hope these powerful stories inspire others to join the Tepe Park neighborhood initiative for positive and sustainable change.

Read more about Mariama’s story by clicking HERE.  

New Look. Same Love!


We have some exciting news to share!

Community One exists to help neighbors love their neighbors.  Our mission is to seek the transformation of our city and the flourishing of its people by empowering neighbors to love their neighbors.  

Some people see Community One as a “housing organization.”  And housing restoration will always be a critical element of our work!  Homes are where our neighbors live, and restoring homes is a way to connect life-on-life and love our neighbors.

But Community One is not a housing agency.   Housing and neighborhood work are delivery systems for love!

Love is at the center of our work.  It always has been.  It always will be.

2020 taught us many things.  Our organization has learned, stretched, and grown.  We continue to sharpen our focus, revamp our programs, and renew our commitment to our mission.

To that end, we want our new logo to match our passion.  We want everyone to see that LOVE is at the center of Community One!  

We believe this brand will help drive our long-term strategic goals, increase awareness about our cause, grow understanding about our work, and strengthen our positive and trusted reputation in the community. 

This wasn’t an investment in a new logo.  It was an investment in the future of Community One!

Will you join us?  How can we help you, your church, or your organization love your neighbors this year?  Email to get connected today!

2020 Gratitude Report


Neighbors cared for neighbors in the most incredible ways in 2020! Connections were made, love was shared, help was delivered, homes were restored, and neighborhoods are being transformed from the inside out. 

But this work is only possible because of generous supporters, faithful volunteers, dedicated partners, and incredible neighbors.  Learn more about the impact their gifts had last year in the 2020 Gratitude Report.

Thank you for loving neighbors, restoring community, and renewing hope throughout our city!

Neighbors Caring for Neighbors


In a moment of crisis, neighbors throughout Evansville responded with help and love.  They cared for neighbors, provided help, shared love, and renewed hope in our city. 

This report highlights the impact that volunteers, churches, and partners had through the Need A Neighbor initiative in response to challenges from COVID-19.  

Learn more and see the full report here: 

Thank you to the many volunteers and dozens of partners who loved their neighbors and shared Christ’s love with our community!

The Importance of Housing Restoration in a Time of COVID-19


Few issues affect families and communities as broadly as housing. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted reasons why safe, decent, and affordable housing is important. Imagine sheltering in place in an unsafe home, lacking resources to get health care because of high housing costs in your neighborhood, or being evicted due to job loss from the economic downturn. These are several examples of why COVID-19 is not only a health crisis, but a housing crisis.

Before shelter-in-place orders took effect, we spent more than two-thirds of our time at home. This time has only increased in the first half of 2020, meaning the condition of our homes and neighborhoods are impacting our safety and well-being more than ever.

Disproportionately high housing costs lead to budget trade-offs related to food and health care. According to Opportunity 360, in Census Tract 13 which represents much of the Tepe Park neighborhood, 44% of homeowners and 68.6% of renters are considered cost-burdened, meaning these households spend more than 30% of their income on housing. 31.69% of households in Census Tract 13 are severely cost-burdened, meaning that 31.69% of households are at or below 80% AMI and spend more than half of their income on housing costs ( Without jobs, keeping these disproportionately high payments requires having even less available resources for essentials such as food and health care.

The economic downturn has clearly affected lower-income neighbors more drastically. According to the Pew Research Center, 52% of lower-income adults in the U.S. say they or someone in their household has lost a job or taken a pay cut due to the pandemic, compared to 43% of U.S. adults. Additionally, 77% of lower-income adults do not have rainy day funds to help cover expenses for 3 months in case of job loss or sickness ( ). This leaves lower-income populations with more financial and housing instability as eviction and foreclosure moratoriums end.

COVID-19 precautions continue to impact our programs and the size of our volunteer activities. However, we continue to press forward in restoring homes, hope, and our community with small groups of volunteers and contractor partners. By continuing to work for safe, decent, and truly affordable housing in Evansville, we are contributing to stabilization for our hardest-hit communities in a time of increased financial uncertainty.

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Mariama Wilson Named Tepe Park's 2021 Neighborhood Hero

New Look. Same Love!

2020 Gratitude Report

Neighbors Caring for Neighbors

The Importance of Housing Restoration in a Time of COVID-19