What is a Quality of Life Plan?


What are the things that make life enjoyable?

If you polled 1,000 people with that question, many consistent themes would likely emerge in their answers.  Spending time with family and friends, having good health, doing a job well, having exciting new experiences, eating good food, being able to read and learn, and (most importantly) laughter. 

A neighborhood Quality of Life Plan takes the question, “What makes life enjoyable?”, from a personal perspective and shifts it to a community perspective.  Neighbors identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of their neighborhood.  Then, they dream of what the future would look like when every resident has the opportunity to access all the things that make life enjoyable.  All of these ideas are turned into goals and objectives.  The Quality of Life Plan is a living document that houses all the neighborhood goals and objectives.  It creates focus and alignment behind the shared neighborhood vision.

The Tepe Park neighborhood in Evansville went through this process and has a published Quality of Life Plan.  It serves as the guidelines for revitalizing their neighborhood, and Community One acts as lead agency alongside them. Learning what creates a high quality of life was not difficult.  Staying focused and pushing life resources into these areas to make them abundant is where the real challenge lies!

Below are the six priority areas identified by Tepe Park neighbors:

  1. Promote neighboring and community
  2. Increase jobs and economic activity
  3. Improve education and life skills
  4. Increase access to housing
  5. Improve community safety
  6. Improve quality of life and healthy living

Neighboring, jobs, education, housing, safety, health… Most people in our city take these for granted until they are taken away.  For some others, their surrounding environments do not naturally support these basic elements needed for an enjoyable, abundant life. 

The Quality of Life Plan builds these priorities into neighborhoods.  It keeps everyone on track and moving in the same direction.  The various goals and objectives encourage people to join in where they are most passionate to create maximum impact in the neighborhood and for neighbors. 

Do you want to learn more about the Tepe Park neighborhood revitalization initiative?  Contact Austin Maxheimer at austin.maxheimer@community1.org or 812-250-6888.

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