We're still helping neighbors love their neighbors.


Dear Community One Friends,

As we all make adjustments to our regular routines, I need to share some updates with you from within Community One about COVID-19.

We are here. We are working. We are helping neighbors love their neighbors.

The heart of Community One is to help neighbors love their neighbors. And that is exactly what we are doing thanks to supporters, partners, and advocates like you! 

What We’re Doing Now

Programs are continuing but with an appropriate level of care and caution.

  • Home Repair Projects.  Home repair projects will continue, but we are limiting them to projects outside of neighbor’s homes. For example, three critically needed roof replacements will proceed with a local roofing partner. We can deliver these life-changing projects for families while volunteers and partners remain at a safe distance.
  • Whole-House Rehabs.  This transformative work will move forward with the safety of volunteers and neighbors in mind. We are suspending large group volunteer activities at all sites. Our dedicated restoration crew and individual volunteers will focus on completing 710 Madison Avenue in small teams. All volunteers will keep a safe distance from each other and from surrounding vulnerable neighbors.  
  • Neighborhood Revitalization.  Our team is working alongside neighborhood leaders and other nonprofits. We are supporting neighborhood leadership as they check-in with their elderly and isolated neighbors. We are also connecting families to services and resources where needed.

What We’re Doing in Response

In addition to our ongoing programs, we are quickly developing resources that enable God’s people – through local churches – to respond safely and effectively to the needs of neighbors in two ways: 'Loving Your Neighbor Where You Are' and 'Loving Your Neighbor Where You Are Called.'

  • Love Your Neighbor Where You Are.  In partnership with For Evansville, we’ve developed a tool to help people love their neighbors where they are (in their neighborhoods). It is a simple notecard that can be filled out and delivered to say how someone is willing to offer help and prayers.
  • Love Your Neighbor Where You Are Called.  We are rapidly developing a web-based crisis response platform that shares the needs of neighbors from our larger community and connects them with volunteers from local churches. Stay tuned for updates!

What You Can Do

Please don’t underestimate your power to be a light in this time of fear and darkness. You can take action now!

  • Pray.  Pray for your neighbors. Pray for our community. Pray for an outpouring of love from Christ-followers through local churches. Listen to how God might prompt you to response.
  • Love Your Neighbors.  If you are able, reach out to those geographically closest to you. Check on them, offer prayer and encouragement, and serve them as best you can. 
  • Volunteer.  The time to respond with the tangible, reassuring, and calming love of Jesus is now. Support the efforts of your local church and nonprofits to meet needs in our community.
  • Support.  Your financial gifts fuel our growing work in helping neighbors love neighbors. Please consider a gift to extend help and hope to your neighbors.  

If you have any questions, please email info[at]community1.org or call 812-250-6888. Let’s stay connected in love and compassion as we respond to the needs of our community.  


Eric Cummings
Executive Director

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We're still helping neighbors love their neighbors.

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