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We're still helping neighbors love their neighbors.

Dear Community One Friends, As we all make adjustments to our regular routines, I need to share some updates with you from within Community One about COVID-19. We are here. We are working. We are helping neighbors love their neighbors. The heart of C...

Neighborhood Early Action Projects

The Tepe Park neighborhood is not community of need.  Instead, it is a community of potential waiting to be activated! In an effort to build a movement that leads to action, Community One partnered with the Tepe Park Neighborhood Association to launc...

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Project #1766: Yard clean up

Homeowner is in need of having her yard mowed and weed-eating done. She has difficulties with her mobility and does not walk well enough to do this herself. She doesn't have a working lawn mower or weed-eater so volunteers would have to bring their o...

Project #1765: Weather stripping on door

Homeowners are in need of having the weather stripping of regular door to their garage (not the garage door) repaired. When it rains the water leaks in and makes their garage all wet. They are senior citizens and are not able to do it themselves.

Project #1764: Haul away tree branches

Homeowner is in need of having yard trimmings/ tree limbs hauled away. Her daughter got her yard cleaned up but she is not able to haul the limbs away. The phone number on this posting is her daughter Barbara's - the homeowner has a hearing impairmen...