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Neighbors Caring for Neighbors

In a moment of crisis, neighbors throughout Evansville responded with help and love.  They cared for neighbors, provided help, shared love, and renewed hope in our city.  This report highlights the impact that volunteers, churches, and partners had t...

The Importance of Housing Restoration in a Time of COVID-19

Few issues affect families and communities as broadly as housing. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted reasons why safe, decent, and affordable housing is important. Imagine sheltering in place in an unsafe home, lacking resources to get health care...

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Project #1790: trim bushes

Homeowner is in need of having the bushes in front of her home trimmed back. She also would like some lower branches on the tree in front of her home trimmed off too - this would probably require a step stool / pruning shears to complete.

Project #1789: Yard clean up

Homeowner Is in need of having a section of her yard cleaned up. It is just outside of her fence line, where a yard barn used to be (barn has been removed many years ago). in this spot, weeds, brush, and small trees have grown and the city has cited ...

Project #1786: Mow yard

Homeowner is needing her lawn mowed, she is a senior citizen and she recently broke her ankle and is no longer able to mow it.