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What is Neighboring?

At a gathering of church leaders in July 2017, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said the greatest gift churches can give our city is to simply be good neighbors.  Can you believe that?  For all the services, programs, events, classes, and mission trips churches ...

What is Neighborhood Revitalization?

Everybody knows "that side of town" or "that neighborhood."  Some people think these areas should be avoided.  However, neighborhood revitalization begins with the belief that people living in challenging areas have inherent dignity and value, deserv...

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Project #1148: Garage Door

Homeowner states that her garage door only works half of the time - sometimes it goes up and down with the button and sometimes it doesn't and gets stuck either up or down. She doesn't have the money to get it fixed and doesn't know how to fix it. Sh...

Project #1147: Toilet continuously runs

Homeowner's toilet is not working properly, it continuously runs. She does not have money to fix it and does not know how to fix it on her own. She had surgery in 2016 and since then has been disabled and mostly homebound, and has had no income since...

Project #1146: Leaking bathtub

Homeowner has leaking under her tub - when the water turns on it leaks directly down into her laundry room below - to the point where she can no longer use the tub and it has ruined the ceiling of her laundry room. She had surgery in 2016 and since ...