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Neighborhood Early Action Projects

The Tepe Park neighborhood is not community of need.  Instead, it is a community of potential waiting to be activated! In an effort to build a movement that leads to action, Community One partnered with the Tepe Park Neighborhood Association to launc...

The Importance of Posture in Neighborhood Work

Many Christians, desiring to put their faith into action, go into under resourced neighborhoods to share the love of Jesus and generously give their time, talents, and resources to help their neighbors.  We want to multiply these intentions, not para...

Featured Projects

Project #1706: Painting ( Exterior)

Homeowner needs help painting his second story window frames . He also has some molding that he needs help replacing on these windows. Community 1 has a ladder that can be used on this project.

Project #1704: Roof replacement

This homeowner is in need of a new roof. Mary's husband Ivan is a veteran. Their son has autism.

Project #1702: Flashing on roof

Homeowner thinks the flashing around his fireplace need to be repaired.