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What is Neighboring?

At a gathering of church leaders in July 2017, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said the greatest gift churches can give our city is to simply be good neighbors.  Can you believe that?  For all the services, programs, events, classes, and mission trips churches ...

What is Neighborhood Revitalization?

Everybody knows "that side of town" or "that neighborhood."  Some people think these areas should be avoided.  However, neighborhood revitalization begins with the belief that people living in challenging areas have inherent dignity and value, deserv...

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Project #1201: Concrete step repair

Homeowner has 3 concrete steps behind her house that are crumbing and need to be repaired or demolished and replaced. She is a senior citizen that has full custody of her young granddaughter and is in need of safe steps into her home. She is unable t...

Project #1200: Garage Roof

Homeowner's garage roof coming off/ caving in and needs to be replaced. She is unable to afford to have it replaced.

Project #1199: Gutter drain repair

Homeowner's gutter drain is not effective in directing the water away from her home. She said that the water drains out right up against her home and has been causing some water to seep into her basement. She was going to DIY a way to direct the wate...