Churches + Faith Community

Creating effective partnerships, especially with churches, is at the heart of our work.

Christians, through the Church, are called to missionally love and serve others in the name of Jesus to bring compassionate provision to the needs of people and to introduce them to the person of Jesus Christ as reflected in their words and works. Outreach is a gateway to Christ for many people who are far from God and the Church.

Community One identifies people in need and provides a structured mobilization process for churches and individual Christains to engage in the mission of loving their neighbors through housing and community development initiatives.

Because we share a common mission - to love people and to build the Kingdom of God - the Church and Community One are natural and effective partners.

To assist in defining the partnership between churches and Community One, we have developed the following steps, or stages, of partnership for your consideration:

Philosophical Unity - Churches agree to work together through Community One.

Prayer - Churches pray for Community One as part of their own ministry.

Promotion - Churches share Community One with their congregation and community.

Participation - Churches empower and encourage their people to use Community One missionally.

Provision - Churches support Community One financially through direct support or project-based support.

Community One is committed to the unified mobilization of all churches working together for greater impact in our community. Please contact Eric Cummings to explore how your church can use the tools and resources of Community One to bless and transform our city.