Loving Our Neighbors

We are inspired by Jesus Christ’s calling to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and it fuels our mission to mobilize churches and people of faith in loving and serving our city.

Jesus Christ put a mission in the hearts of His people – a mission to be loving, compassionate, justice-seeking, and servant-minded. We must love our neighbors next door and love our neighbors across our community by reaching out into the places where help and hope are needed most.

Community One provides real, hands-on opportunities for individuals and churches to fulfill this commandment of loving your neighbor. In doing so, it brings the people of God into the mission of God where they can share their faith by way of their good works. In doing so, they strengthen not only their own faith but also the body of Christ - the Church.

We focus energy and resources on neighborhood engagement and housing restoration because the need is so great - as is the opportunity to mobilize people of faith to bring hope to neighborhoods through the work of Restoring Community Together.

Through these investments, neighbors are loved, community is restored, and hope is renewed so Evansville can be transformed for God’s glory.

While we see spiritual transformation as the ultimate salvation of people, we also see the physical transformation of our community to be a necessary and just pursuit. Therefore, we include and serve all people. Community One does not discriminate in services in any way or require faith-related responses in order to volunteer or receive services.

We exist to love, to serve and to bless people in the name of Jesus Christ.