Transforming Our City

"When we love our city, as when we love another person, we will go to extraordinary lengths for them. We will sacrifice for them; we will push ourselves for them; we will tolerate their shortfalls; we will forgive their excesses - all because we see their true nature.
When we have an emotional connection to our place, we are less likely to leave it and far more likely to champion and defend it in the face of criticism. We will fight for it."

Peter Kageyama, For the Love of Cities

City transformation is the work that leads to the flourishing of all residents that thrive on the stability and success of the city. The Tri-State region flourishes as the city of Evansville flourishes. Vigorous and healthy growth requires a favorable environment of growth. Working toward city transformation means pursuing the common good of every citizen in our area.

It is not the work of any one leader, organization, or even one sector. It is our work - the people of Evansville - committing to look out for the good of others, living generously, becoming educated about the challenges people who are different that we are but who live across town face on a daily basis, meeting their job responsibilities with integrity and competence, caring for the needs of neighbors, and supporting the local economy.

It's the kind of city where people want to stay... a city that people hope to live in.

For many today, this is not the city we currently live in. But for those working toward city transformation, it is the city we hope to build. We want to see this city transformed - and we believe it can happen.

It will require people from every channel of culture: arts & entertainment, business, education, government, health care, media, social sector. It will require a willingness to engage with people who are different from one another, a humility to recognize the real issues, and an intentionality of sacrificial care and concern for the common good of our city.

Every person has a role to play, and every role matters. Every person matters, whether he or she is young, old, educated or uneducated, employed or unemployed, black, white, or Hispanic, a person of faith or non-faith, a native of Evansville or a transplant, skilled or non-skilled, and wealthy or poor.

Are you ready to join the work of city transformation?