Videos: Home Repair Program

There's no shortage of people in our community who are in need of help with maintaining their homes. Aging, disabled, single-parent and low-income homeowners often need help with routine repairs and maintenance to keep their homes in good condition, but simply cannot perform the work themselves or afford to hire a contractor to compete the work.

Conversely, experience shows that there's also no shortage of people who would willingly help if they just knew how. What's often missing is the connection between the two. Our project-based website fills the gap by connecting people in need with volunteers and resources.

This very personal, life-on-life repair work is inspired by love and it is an act of love. It brings a renewed sense of hope?hope for one person?s life, hope for a neighborhood and hope for our entire city.

Learn more, volunteer, donate today - join us in restoring community together!

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